The 4 Million Dollar Offseason


Introducing: Built 2 Ball Basketball Performance System



If you’re a basketball player looking to increase your bounce, agility, and overall explosiveness, then this might be the most valuable message you’ll read all day.
My name is Chris Barnard.

I’ve been a strength and conditioning coach for over a decade, and I’ve trained athletes from all walks, from high school to the professional level.

I’m also at the helm of a performance YouTube Channel called OvertimeAthletes, which currently hosts over 322,000 subscribers.
And over the years, I’ve noticed that too many hoopers are too focused on vertical jump training.

They’re obsessed with the glamour of posterizing someone.

And I understand why.
But this creates holes in other aspects of their game -

Defense, moving without the ball, their post game, and more…

In truth, these are the aspects of their game that will carve out a spot for them on the floor, and ensure they get playing time.

Bounce will only get you so far.

Just look at the NBA Dunk Contest, where a bunch of no-name guys throw down crazy dunks.
It looks cool.

But, when you shift your efforts from solely vertical training to a more well rounded approach...
It Can Pay Dividends… Literally
Here’s what I mean:

Last offseason, I worked with NBA Pacers forward TJ Leaf.

TJ came to me in the third season of his rookie contract, unsure if his team would pick up his fourth year option.

The organization wanted to see big physical changes in TJ.

He was tall, but very lean, and lacked some of the movement qualities that define a dominant big man.
The organization wanted to see a transformed version of TJ when he returned to camp.

And I was down for the challenge.
In short, his hustle and grind in the offseason paid off Literally

When he reported to camp, the organization was so pleased with his physical transformation that they picked up his 4th year option. 

In layman's terms, he was a 1st round pick who was signed for three years. 

They signed him for another, which gave him a much bigger payday…
And that pay day was more than enough to set someone up for life.

When I received that news via text, I was flooded with excitement. 

It’s easily one of the highlights of my coaching career.  

Helping a guy earn millions with three months of hard work was a unique experience. 

It’s literally changing lives, the very thing I set out to do when I decided to become a coach.

But, I also want to help YOU.

And you’re probably wondering…
What Did Y’all Work On That Offseason?
Since then, I’ve used a similar approach with athletes in-person and online.

Players of all positions,


And skill levels.

I’m excited to share it with you…

For The First Time Ever, I’m Revealing:
The Four Key Factors of Basketball Performance
There are four key factors I focus on when it comes to training basketball players.

And this isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Some players need more of one key factor than another based on their personal and positional needs.

But the point is, every player will get some dose of these four key factors.

Here’s what they are:
Key Factor #1: Strength
You might be rolling your eyes right now...

Because you’ve probably been taught that strength is simply overcoming heavy resistance, and you don’t think that has a place in basketball.

You’d be right.

You’re never going to bench press on the court, or lift a heavy weight off the ground.


Basketball strength isn’t about just lifting heavy weight.

Basketball strength is a blend of relative and absolute strength.

Relative strength is how much force you can produce relative to your bodyweight.
And it leaks into other physical attributes like stability, kinesthetic awareness, coordination, and more.

All things you need to succeed on the basketball court.

The other category of strength is absolute strength.

Absolute strength is the maximum amount of force you can produce, regardless of your bodyweight.

And again, hoopers need a blend of these two categories of strength to succeed.

Too much absolute strength and you’ll get stiff, rigid, and slow like a powerlifter.

Too much relative strength and you’ll get bullied on the court.

More than that, you want to build these two categories of strength in a way that your strength seamlessly translates into more explosiveness, power, and bounce.

More on that in a second.
Key Factor #2: Power
Basketball is a complex, multi-planar game.

Your success is determined by more than just how high you can jump.

It’s also determined by your first step explosiveness and lateral quickness.

In that, there are three types of power every basketball player needs to become a threat in all aspects of their game.

The first type is vertical power.

This is the type of power that most players pursue.
They want to throw down violent dunks, and posterize their competition. They want to make the stands roar.

That’s well and good...

But there’s more power that needs to be addressed.

Like horizontal power.

Horizontal power plays a role in your first step quickness, or your ability to explode past an opponent.

Develop enough of this, and you’ll become a huge offensive threat... 

With and without the ball in your hands.
Finally, there’s lateral power.

Obviously, this is crucial for putting the clamps on your opponent…

But it’s also key for getting open on offense.

And honestly, your lateral power might be the most important type of power if you want to cement a spot for yourself on the floor.

But, if you really want to carve a spot for yourself in the lineup…

Or get a college scholarship…

Or play at the next level…

You’ll need all three of these types of power in your bag.
Key Factor #3: Acceleration and Deceleration
There aren’t many times during a basketball game where you’ll perform long-winded sprints.

Instead, you’ll be performing short-bursts from spot to spot on the floor.

That’s why acceleration and deceleration are so critical to your success.

In a game where the difference between scoring and getting stuffed, or stealing the ball for an open lay-up and completely missing the ball are determined by a fraction of a second, it’s important to gain as much of an edge as possible in your burst.
That comes down to your acceleration mechanics.

And more…

Your ability to stop on a dime and accelerate in a different direction…

Which leads me right into the last factor...
Key Factor #4: Agility
Most players have the wrong idea about agility.

Both what agility is and how to train for it.

Because the truth is, dashing through ladders isn’t agility training.

Agility training is change of direction with a reactive component.

Meaning you’re teaching the mind and body to properly react to the stimulus in your sport.

Not to mention…

This kind of training will help cement your spot on the floor as a lock-down defender.

And, you’ll teach your body to make the kind of cuts that give you endless opportunity on offense.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a ton more in regards to agility.

The Best Guys In The NBA Are Already Training Like This

Guys like Luka Doncic,

Jimmy Butler,

Giannis Antetokeunmpo,

LeBron in his early days…

They all hit on the four key factors of basketball performance.

And clearly, it’s paid off.

But if that’s the case, why haven’t you heard of this before?
Because, in the basketball world, it’s so go-go-go between games, practices, and skills work that most players don’t have much time to research this kind of stuff. 

So, the loudest companies and influencers win most hoopers’ attention.

Usually, these companies are selling vertical jump gimmicks,

Ball handling courses,

Or some other watered-down performance tool.

And while these gimmicks and gizmos have all kinds of flashy marketing behind them...

Basketball Performance Training Doesn’t Look as Sexy

If you caught a glimpse of an elite NBA player training, you wouldn’t be WOWed with all kinds of gizmos and gadgets.

You’d see them lifting dumbbells.


Maybe on a few machines.

But, most likely, they wouldn’t have any of the gadgets or gizmos companies are selling to become a better shooter, ball handler, get faster, or get more bounce.

They rely on performance training for that stuff.

And in truth…

Performance Training Can Be The Difference Between a Mediocre High School Career and Playing At the Next Level

And performance training is one of the only tools that can help you achieve this.

If you do it right.

Lucky for you…

When TJ shared the news that the Pacers picked up his fourth year option, I knew I had developed a solid system for transforming basketball players. Both how they looked and how they performed.
Bounce, quickness, reactions, strength.

It was all there.

I mean, all an NBA team did was look at one of my guys and handed him 4 million dollars.

He hadn’t played in a pre-season game yet.

The organization was in awe of the way he moved, the way he looked, and the way he performed on the court.

And since then, I’ve used this approach with many more hoopers.

Of all sizes, experience levels, and backgrounds.

With great success.

Now, it’s your turn…

Introducing: Built 2 Ball Basketball Performance System
I’ve thrown all of the offseason methods I used for high level hoopers into Built to Ball.

Built to Ball is a 14 week program designed to enhance your strength, power, speed, and agility in a way that translates to the court.

And when you join today, you’ll receive:
BUILT TO BALL will build your agility, quickness, speed, and bounce from the ground up using a science-based approach that has been tested by high-level hoopers who’ve walked through the doors of my gym, and athletes all over the world. Inside, you’ll receive a powerful approach to agility training, plyometrics to support your speed and bounce, mechanical drills to give you a speed-edge on the court, compound lifts to support your force production, and more. In other words, there’s no stone left unturned. I address every physical component you need to become more lethal in your sport.
I’ve created whiteboard videos that will teach you the driving factors behind BUILT TO BALL and made them available to you in an easy-to-consume video library. These videos will show you what to expect month-to-month in the program and teach you how to extract the best results possible.
I’ve written up a detailed manual on the theories and components behind the BUILT TO BALL program for athletes and coaches who want a deeper understanding of what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. You'll discover the driving forces behind one of the most effective basketball training systems available today. It’s so extensive that by the time you’re done reading it, you could develop your own basketball training program.
What’s the point of following a program if you don’t know if it’s making you better? There isn’t a point. That’s why I’ve created a testing manual that contains a series of drills to perform to develop a baseline of your speed, strength, lateral quickness, and power. You’ll perform these drills again once you’ve finished the program to see how much you’ve improved. As I always say, you can’t manage what you can’t measure.
When you get your copy of BUILT TO BALL, you’ll gain access to the new, updated OTA Exercise Database. Inside, you’ll find extensive demonstrations of each movement, exercise, and drill you have to perform for the BUILT TO BALL. This ensures you’re performing each movement with precision, intent, and full confidence in each movement's effectiveness.


Whether you're a coach of a youth team, a youth athlete, or just don't think you're ready for the weights, this program will deliver results. Inside of this program, I've compiled the top knowledge on training youth athletes and implemented them into this beginner basketball training program.

It's yours FREE when you get your copy of Built2Ball today.
If you can't make it to the gym, like the autonomy of training on your own time, or would rather train at home, this program is for you. It's the complete, 14-Week, Built2Ball program in bodyweight format.

I set out to make this program just as powerful as the normal Built2Ball program. And it's yours FREE when you grab Built2Ball today.
Now’s your chance to get a competitive edge.

And this opportunity just became a lot sweeter, because your backed by my:
90 Day Hoopin’ Guarantee
It should only take you 90 days to get through Built to Ball.

And by the end, you should come out a totally different player.

Faster, quicker, more explosive.

You’ll become a lockdown defensive player who can slice through defenders and score easy buckets on command.

Someone who can create scoring opportunities for himself without the ball in his hands.
And people will be asking you what you did.

How’d you get so good, so fast?

That said, if for someone strange reason you go through the whole Built to Ball program and you discover you’re one of the .02% who don’t get results from training, just shoot me an email @, and I’ll shoot you a refund with a smile.

Plus, I’ll point you in a direction that will support you.

But, I think that’s unlikely.

I’ve tested these principles on all kinds of players from high school, to college, to professional, and they’ve all seen incredible results. 

Didn’t matter what their position was, or how much experience they had.

You should be no different...

So, you can think of the 90-Day Hoopin’ Guarantee as a safety net, a trial run, or a test-drive.


Whatever you think of it as… 

Just know that you see results, or you pay nothing.

Join Built to Ball Today for a Special Discount


I usually charge around $100-200 for an hour of training.

And with Built to Ball, you’re getting a full 14 weeks of elite-level training.

So, it’d be easy for me to charge $1,000+ without a second-thought.

But, I remember when I was a young athlete, my parents made me pay for everything on my own.

Supplements, food, sports, and more.

And I know there are other athletes in the same situation. 

Hungry to get better… But strapped for cash.

So, I’m not going to charge $1,000+.

I’m not even going to charge a fraction of that.

You can gain access to the methods in Built to Ball for ONLY $97

ONLY $97

Again, you receive access to the entire Built to Ball Program, the theory manual, the videos, the exercise database, and more for only $97

Are You Going to Give Up Your Advantage?

It’s baffling.

If you look at guys like Zion, LeBron James, Ja Morant…

These guys don’t just dominate on the court because of their skills.

Sure, they have tons of it.

But, they’re also physically gifted.

Zion has the bounce to leap over anybody.

LeBron has the strength to bang in the paint, and the swiftness to slash through the defense and finish strong at the cup.

Ja Morant is nimble, quick, and deceivingly explosive.

Their physicality gives them an advantage.

So, why would you want to give yours up?

You’ll be given all of the tools you need to become stronger, faster, and more explosive inside of Built To Ball.

That translates to:

Better defense.

Stronger finishing.

Dunking in traffic.

Getting more minutes.

Making your teammates wonder what you’ve been doing.

Why would you want to give that up?

Any serious hooper wouldn’t.